During the winter months, your vehicle is exposed to harsh conditions such as road salt, grit, freezing conditions, and increased road grime. Our winter detail not only looks to give your vehicle the best protection by applying a 1-year ceramic coating but also enhances the paintwork using a single-stage polish for increased depth and gloss.


This is a special "discounted" service running until the end of February 2022


We recommend following up with our Maintenance service.

Winter Prep Detail Detail - From £230

Whats included?...

  • Wheels cleaned (inc barrels) and arches.
  • Door jams, shuts, and sills cleaned.
  • Snow foam pre-wash & Rinse.
  • 2 bucket contact wash with PH neutral shampoo.
  • Full chemical decontamination (Iron fallout & Tar removal)
  • Physical decontamination using a clay bar.
  • Snow foam soak.
  • Final pressure rinse.
  • Hand dried using plush microfibre towels.
  • Single-stage machine polish.
  • 1-year ceramic coating applied to paintwork.
  • Sealant applied to wheels.
  • Plastic trims, vinyl & Rubbers dressed.
  • Metalwork polished.
  • Glass cleaned, inside & out.
  • Tires dressed.

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