Have you recently purchased a new car or waiting for one to be delivered? This service is designed to give your new investment the best start to life with full inside and out protective coatings. Unlike "dealership coatings" that are poor in terms of quality as well as poorly applied, we use industry-leading coatings as well as our professional knowledge to ensure your vehicle is fully protected throughout the years of ownership.

Whats involved...

The exterior of your vehicle will receive a deep clean and decontamination as even though a car may be brand new, there are potential contaminants in the paintwork, these are typically from storage areas located in commercial areas or next to railroads where heavy industrial fallout is present.

Your vehicle will then receive a single stage machine polish to remove any minor defects in the paintwork, unfortunatetly this is a common occurrence as often vehicles are cleaned prior to selling using poor techniques or chemicals that can leave lasting defects in the finish of your brand new vehicle.

Once prepped your vehicle will receive a final wipe down before coatings are applied, being an accredited Autobead detailer and a enables us to have access to their range of mobile-friendly paintwork coatings available in 1 or 2-year variants as well as coatings for wheels and glass (3 or 5-year coatings are available however, a suitable interior workspace is required)

The interior of your vehicle will also receive a clean before coatings are applied to all interior surfaces.

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