Maintenance Valet


Available to those who have previously chosen our Bay Detail service and above, this service enables us to maintain the finish previously achieved every time.

It is highly recommended to book this service in 6 weekly intervals to ensure the best results, if any ceramic coatings have been applied these will be topped up when necessary.

Maintenance Valet - From £50.00

Whats included?...


  • Wheels cleaned.
  • Door jams, shuts, and sills cleaned.
  • Snow foam pre-wash & Rinse.
  • 2 bucket contact wash with PH neutral shampoo.
  • Hand dried using plush microfibre towels.
  • Coating, sealant, or wax topped up (If needed)
  • Plastic trims, vinyl & Rubbers dressed (If needed)
  • Glass cleaned, inside & out.
  • Tires dressed.


  • Rubbish removed.
  • Full vacuum including boot space.
  • Stains spot cleaned
  • Plastics and vinyl surfaces cleaned and dressed.
  • Air freshened.

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