Here at Bay Detailing, we offer 2 types of machine polishing services: Gloss Enhancement & Correction. These are designed to remove defects in your vehicle's paintwork such as swirl marks, oxidized paint, bird poo etching, and scratches as well as dramatically improve gloss, clarity and depth of colour. These are much more than "just a buff" or "mop" which can often lead to very poor results!

We highly recommend inspecting your vehicle first, this will enable us to assess the paintwork by taking paint depth readings and may also carry out a "test patch" polish to recommend the best course of action, paint depth readings will also be taken before any machine work is carried out.

Our gloss enhancement is a single-stage polish, this consists of using one type of polishing pad and one type of polish/compound to enhance the gloss and clarity of the paintwork while removing swirl marks and light scratches by up to 50-60%. This service will take around 1 - 2 days to complete, depending on vehicle size.

Price starts from £240

Correction polishing goes even further by using a multitude of different pads and products to produce even greater results by removing deeper defects such as heavily oxidized paint, heavy swirl marks, and deeper scratches, by up to 80-90%. Depending on vehicle size and condition it can take a matter of days to complete.

Price starts from £480

These services also include - Deep cleaning of the exterior, chemical and physical decontamination and a layer of graphene infused wax, trim, rubbers and glass will also be tended to.

We have a range of upgrades available to add on, we do however highly recommend looking at our ceramic coating options which will offer superior results than wax and make maintenance much easier.


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