Deep Clean

Our Deep Clean service is our most popular package! Can also be referred to as a "Full Valet" or Back to Showroom" Your vehicle will receive an extensive clean that will tackle all areas of both the exterior and interior before applying a durable and slick sealant lasting up to 6 months giving exceptional gloss and hydrophobic properties.

We recommend following up with our Maintenance service to keep it looking its best.

Whats included in a Deep Clean ...


  • Wheels cleaned (inc barrels) and arches.
  • Door jams, shuts, and sills cleaned.
  • Snow foam pre-wash & Rinse.
  • 2 bucket contact wash with PH neutral shampoo.
  • Full chemical decontamination (Iron fallout & Tar removal)
  • Final pressure rinse.
  • Hand dried using plush microfibre towels.
  • Full hand polish.
  • Spray sealant applied, offering durable protection and great gloss.
  • Plastic trims, vinyl & Rubbers dressed.
  • Metalwork polished.
  • Glass cleaned, inside & out.
  • Tires dressed.


  • Rubbish removed.
  • Full vacuum including boot space.
  • Plastics and vinyl surfaces cleaned and dressed.
  • Steam clean all interior surfaces.
  • Clean and shampoo seats, carpets, floor mats, and upholstery.
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned.
  • Air vents sanitized.
  • Air freshened.

Optional extras

Ceramic Infused Wax - £25.00

Soft Top Clean & Protect - From £40.00

Glass Sealant - £20.00

Engine Bay Detail - £25.00


Price - From £125

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