The works package! Our Bay Detail is an all-in-one package designed to completely refresh and transform your vehicle back to the day it rolled off the forecourt.

An entire day will be spent on your vehicle, ensuring all areas of the vehicle are focused on and thoroughly cleaned and finished to a professional standard such as interior, exterior, and engine bay as well as soft tops. 


  • Wheels & barrels cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner

  • Wheel arches cleaned & dressed.

  • Door shuts, sills and jambs detailed.

  • Citrus and snow foam prewash.

  • Two bucket safe wash.

  • Tar deposits removed.

  • Iron fallout removed.

  • Clay bar decontamination.

  • Engine Bay detailed.

  • Soft top cleaned & protected.

  • Dried using plush microfibre and compressed air.​​

  • Paint glaze applied to paintwork via dual action polisher.

  • High gloss wax applied to paintwork.

  • Windows cleaned.

  • Window sealant applied to glass.

  • Plastics, vinyl, and metal cleaned and dressed.

  • Wheel sealant applied.

  • Tyres dressed.


  • Full interior vacuum including boot space.

  • Rubbish removed.

  • Plastics and vinyl surfaces cleaned & dressed.

  • Interior upholstery shampoo and wet extraction.

  • Interior steam cleaned.

  • Leather seats cleaned & conditioned/Fabric seats shampooed and treated.

  • Floor mats shampooed/Rubber mats cleaned and treated.

  • Headlining cleaned.

  • Air Freshened

  • Air conditioning system & vents cleaned and sanitized.

Price - From £200

Why not go a step further and upgrade to a 1-year ceramic coating for £60

* Prices and length of time will vary depending on the vehicle size and condition.