What is a ceramic coating?...

Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of automotive protection, unlike wax or sealant that will layer on top of the surface of the vehicle, ceramic coatings form a permanent bond and provide a superior level of protection as well as amazing gloss levels and hydrophobic behavior.

Benefits of a ceramic coating?...

  • Better resistance against general wear & tear with things such as micro-scratches and swirl marks being harder to install into the surface.
  • Minimize damage caused by the elements and chemicals such as bird droppings, road salt, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, and chemical abrasion.
  • The self-cleaning properties in the coatings make future cleaning much simpler and easier as well as eliminating the need for polishing or waxing.
  • Exceptional levels of gloss as well as amazing beading and sheeting properties.

The Process...

Before the coating is applied, your vehicle will receive a thorough exterior clean, chemical decontamination to remove iron fallout and tar deposits, clay bar treatment to remove embedded contaminants, and at least a single stage machine polish, these steps are crucial to ensure your coating works as it should, ensure the best possible bond and produce a flawless finish as once applied the only way to remove a coating is via machine polishing.

We offer primarily 1 and 2-year coatings that can be applied outdoors however we can apply coatings offering 3 and 5 years of protection however we require an indoor space to be able to apply these coatings, we also offer specific coatings for alloys, leather, glass, etc.

We are also an accredited detailer for Autobead, we are one of only a handful of detailers that can apply their advanced coatings.

Once applied we highly recommend our maintenance scheme to ensure you get the full lifespan from your coating.



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