Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of car protection, but what is it? Ceramic coatings are a chemical polymer involving silicon dioxide or SIO2 for short, a key ingredient often found in glass. 

These coatings are hard, heat, and weather-resistant, this makes them superior to standard waxes or sealants. A ceramic car coating makes your car paint more resilient, and easier to clean. Coatings can be applied to various areas of the vehicle, forming a protective sacrificial layer with many benefits...

Hydrophobic qualities - Water will bead and sheet off the surface preventing water spots. Road grime, dirt, and mud will also struggle to attach to the surface making washing easier and less frequent.

Provide UV protection - Constant exposure to the sun can make accelerate fading and oxidizing in a vehicle's paintwork, ceramic coatings provide a protective barrier, similar to suncream on our skin!

Chemical stain protection - Acidic elements such as bird poo, road salt, and bug splats can potentially etch your vehicle's paintwork, due to the hydrophobic qualities of ceramic coatings this can be prevented.

Enhanced Gloss - The slick coat of the coating will greatly enhance gloss, leaving an exceptionally shiny and great clarity finish.

Cost-Effective - Unlike waxes that only last a few months, ceramic coatings can last years with the correct maintenance, avoiding the need for repeated wax/sealant applications.


Ceramic Coating Prices

1 Year Ceramic Coating

Autobead 1 Year Silex Go Coating
Price - From £330

2 Year Ceramic Coating

Autobead 2 Year Silex Go Coating
Price - From £360

3 Year Ceramic Coating

Autobead 3 Year Silex Pro Coating
Price - From £600

5 Year Ceramic Coating

Autobead 5 Year Silex Go Coating
Price - From £720

5 Year Graphene Coating

Autobead 5 Year Graphene Coating
Price - From £795

2 Year Glass Coating - From £75
1 Year Alloy Coating - From £60
3 Year Alloy Coating - From £90
5 Year Alloy Coating - From £120 

Extra Coatings

All coating services will include - wash, chemical and physical decontamination, single-stage enhancement detail, and preparation for coating application. If correction polishing is wanted or required this will be priced on assessment of the paintwork.

Price and duration will vary depending on vehicle size and condition.


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